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Rethinking Streets

1 May


Rethinking Streets, An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations, available free in PDF and hard copy format, is a book detailing 25 complete streets projects from around the U.S. The following article discussing the book is from Planetizen.

The book written by, Marc Schlossberg, John Rowell, Dave Amos, and Kelly Sanford, may be downloaded here.

“Rethinking Streets,” a new report by the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative, provides detailed information on 25 complete streets and streetscaping projects. It is available free in PDF and hard copy format.
It’s time to rethink the street.

For too long we’ve been building streets as though they have one function–to move cars quickly. The reality is that streets can to do more than just move cars. They can move people on foot, on bikes, on transit, without hurting vehicular throughput and safety. They can be more than a way to get somewhere else. Good streets are good places, too – public places where people meet, sit and socialize, conduct business, wander about, play, and more.

This new book uses evidence from completed street projects from around the United States in order to help communities imagine alternative futures for their streets. The book does not show hypothetical street re-designs, but actual examples from typical communities to show how they did what they did and see what resulted from the change.


30 Days of Biking–Day 4

4 Apr

Day 4 of the 30 Days of Biking challenge brought a day of sunshine and white puffy clouds, along with cool temperatures.


Today I rode Condor to the hair salon and grocery store then home again, taking the long way back. I like running errands on my bike and especially in street clothes. I love encountering the friendly drivers – you go first, no you, after all you’re riding a bike. Waves, smiles and courteous behavior from all concerned. I love rides like this and wonder why they all can’t be.




Cool reflection of a similarly cool cyclist, eh. Laughing out loud

I rode to the same grocery that I was returning from when I got *the ticket* last year. I thought about testing out the new affirmative defense law, but it was such a pleasant and peaceful day, I thought “nah”, let’s not.

I rode by the municipal court building where I was able to get the fine waived for said ticket.

I waited at the light where said offense occurred. Notice the sign stating that bicycles should use the crosswalk – if that big black arrow had been there last year I would have seen it!



Day 4 mileage was just under 11 miles.

Promoting Safe Cycling

4 Apr

There are a series of very cool posters promoting cyclist’s safety launched today by 100copies. I discovered 100copies several months ago and posted about them. I bought one of their posters too, a black and white abstract of a bike.

I love this new work they’ve created and especially love that each poster is designed to increase awareness among cyclists and drivers to promote the safety of cyclists.

From 100copies Facebook page:

“Today we launched a series of Safety Cycling Posters in association with the LTA and Singapore Road Safety Council. A big thank you to all the sponsors who have made this possible. If you need the hires of the poster to print it out, email me at I will send you the link to download it. If cycling safety is important to you and your loved ones, please do help to share.”

Share the road Poster 1Look Out Poster 2Respect Poster 3Make Way Poster 4Hard to see Poster 5

Arcadia Lake Trail

28 Sep

Shoreline at Arcadia 4

Mark and I attended the meeting last night on the proposed trail around Arcadia Lake in Edmond, OK. We are very excited about the prospect of the trail which will be around 20 miles in length and paved. As cyclists we would use the trail frequently and take pride in having it in our community. So many people I talk to here would ride bikes or walk more if they had a separate and safe way to do so. The trail would certainly offer that – and more.

Although the trail will be quite the boon for local cyclists, runners, families, seniors and most any nature lover, the people that are less than thrilled about it are some of the nearby home and property owners and those that ride horses at the lake.

The Arcadia Lake Coalition working to bring the trail to fruition, has been proactive by meeting with stakeholders and has accommodated and amended the proposed trail when possible.

It seems one of the big issues has nothing to do with the proposed trail, but rather is a current problem with the area surrounding the lake – namely, trash. Not the type of trash that people leave, but trash that was dumped by the lake when it flooded and has never been cleaned up.

I understand their frustration at having to live with that and also their expectation that it be cleaned up by the city of Oklahoma City or Edmond, but it is a separate problem from the proposed trail and should be handled as such in my opinion.

Another main concern of the home/property owners, who are by far the biggest part of the voiced opposition, is safety and security and the fear that the trail will attract people that engage in criminal activity.

There will be further meetings and discussion to work through any outstanding issues or concerns.

Trail completion is currently slated for November 2014.

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