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9 Nov


One of my favorite things about autumn is riding through leaves. Having them fall around you while pedaling is even better.

A glorious fall day here, hope you are having the same.



Watch "Why We Ride: A Film by and for Cambridge’s Young Riders" on YouTube

9 Jun

30 Days of Biking–Day 12

12 Apr

Today was a more typical ride, 23.5 miles. We went east for a little hill climbing. I didn’t feel well on the ride and actually stopped for a bit. Out of the blue, I broke out in a cold sweat and became dizzy. My problem was lack of fuel. I took in some gel and half an energy bar and felt good as new in about 10 minutes – although we did end up cutting the ride short.

I rode Rocket my Scott which felt (not surprisingly) livelier and quicker than my Jamis. It’s good to mix it up with the bikes I think, they both have their purposes and I enjoy riding both – although they are a much different riding experience.

Beautiful day, about 60 degrees and just a light north wind. Once we got out on the country roads there was little traffic. Friday afternoon traffic is some of the worst in my opinion. I actually don’t like to ride on Friday afternoon, but that’s how it worked out today. Everyone is in a hurry on Fridays and the last thing they want is for someone to slow them down. No, the worst thing is for a person riding a bike to slow them down.

Does it make you laugh when some bozo gets up behind you and then takes off in their fast car (this one a Porsche) like we’re supposed to be impressed with their speed!? Cracks me up. Hey fella – I’m on a bike, any car is faster than me. Really, get a grip.

My favorite thing about this route is most of it is in the country and typically we see more cows and horses than cars and people.














16 Jan

I recently came across a website with art prints, t-shirts and the like featuring bicycles. Each piece is limited to 100 copies.

I ordered the print below (without the text, I added that to this image because I like the quote the artist featured in the description).


Cyclegraphy with text

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