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Rethinking Streets

1 May


Rethinking Streets, An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations, available free in PDF and hard copy format, is a book detailing 25 complete streets projects from around the U.S. The following article discussing the book is from Planetizen.

The book written by, Marc Schlossberg, John Rowell, Dave Amos, and Kelly Sanford, may be downloaded here.

“Rethinking Streets,” a new report by the University of Oregon’s Sustainable Cities Initiative, provides detailed information on 25 complete streets and streetscaping projects. It is available free in PDF and hard copy format.
It’s time to rethink the street.

For too long we’ve been building streets as though they have one function–to move cars quickly. The reality is that streets can to do more than just move cars. They can move people on foot, on bikes, on transit, without hurting vehicular throughput and safety. They can be more than a way to get somewhere else. Good streets are good places, too – public places where people meet, sit and socialize, conduct business, wander about, play, and more.

This new book uses evidence from completed street projects from around the United States in order to help communities imagine alternative futures for their streets. The book does not show hypothetical street re-designs, but actual examples from typical communities to show how they did what they did and see what resulted from the change.



13 Oct

While out riding today, I noticed a few of my fellow cyclists were riding in dark clothing and consequently, were very difficult to see. To make it worse they didn’t have any type of rear blinky light. Not smart.

I hope you weren’t one of them.

Always ride in bright clothing, preferably Hi Viz orange or green but any color that is neon bright will work. You know the kind of thing, the color that hurts your eyes if you look at it too long.

While I’m playing mom, would you also ride with a blinking taillight?

Here’s a great article to read to help you choose:  The Best Bicycle Taillights of 2013

Hi Viz clothing is easy to find. You can find it at your local bike shop, or Performance Bike, REI or Amazon, just to name a few. A great solution is to buy a Hi Viz vest that you can wear over your jersey or shirt. Hi Viz is important, especially this time of year. Do yourself a favor and pick up a rear blinky light and the BRIGHTEST jersey or vest you can find. It’s more important than riding with a helmet in my opinion. Helmets protect you if you’re hit, lights and Hi Viz clothing helps to keep you from being hit.

Presently, I ride with the Planet Bike Super Flash taillight and clothing wise I own the versatile Pearl Izumi Hi Viz Barrier Convertible Jacket/Vest. Besides being great for visibility it also is a great piece of clothing that can take you from spring to fall as a jacket, and use the vest during the summer or over your warmer layers in the winter.

Repeat after me: Cyclists cannot be too  VISIBLE!



Never Assume Anything

4 Oct

Never assume anything from drivers. Never assume anything from walkers, runners or even cyclists for that matter.

Case in point, this afternoon I was out riding, heading home through a nearby neighborhood and even though I had the right-of-way (and no stop sign/light), a driver who was stopped at the stop sign and turning left from a side street (to my right) decided they had waited long enough and pulled out right in front of me.

You learn to expect that type of behavior or at least be prepared for (following the rule – never assume anything) it and I was. I stopped quickly or would have hit them. As they passed me I looked at them (couldn’t seem them because of dark tint on their windows) shook my head, didn’t say anything but hopefully communicated their behavior wasn’t right or safe.

Another good rule of thumb – Fridays are the most dangerous day to ride, particularly Friday afternoons. I rarely ride on Friday afternoons for that reason. People are in a hurry and they’re distracted more than usual. An accident waiting to happen. Be careful out there.

Pre-Ride Checklist

6 Jun

Clean bicycles go faster!

(Explains why I’m so slow…)


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