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First Ride of the Year

5 Jan


Rocket on her first ride of 2012.

Missing the K-K-KATY

27 May

Yesterday was a ride on the back roads near our home, you know, the ones with less traffic than the regular roads. The ones most of us ride because there are fewer cars and trucks and therefore, safer.

Where the cows outnumber the cars.


We did the Jones ride, 44 miles from our home – out and back. It was a beautiful day, one of those exquisite days that are all too rare here – very light wind and temperatures near 70.  Considering it’s almost Memorial Day, a very rare spring day – although we have had more this spring than any other spring in recent memory.  So, we took advantage of it and rode our road bikes, carrying nothing more than water and a few bars.  A big difference from the 25 pounds or so we both carried when we rode the KATY Trail.

Right away we both noted a big difference in terms of ease of riding and effort.  The bike felt like it took off at times, almost faster than comfortable. That part was nice, but the scenery and experience were so much nicer on the KT. Even though this ride was much hillier than the almost-completely-flat KATY, it still wasn’t as difficult – something I attribute to the weight of the bikes more than trail conditions.

It was a nice ride yesterday, we both enjoyed it and getting to ride when most everyone else is at work is a real plus.  Still miss riding the KATY though. For those of you who haven’t ridden the KATY in Missouri you should consider it.  For more information about it click on the KATY Trail tag on this website and you can also go to: and

From Yoga Mat to Bike Saddle

21 Mar


Due to health issues I haven’t been able to ride or train much, but yesterday I got back on the bike and back on the road. 

With little riding or training possible, I saved what sanity and fitness I still had by doing yoga.

I noticed the benefits of my daily yoga practice yesterday on the bike.  I rode my Scott CR1 Pro, my usual “road” bike.  She felt tailor-made for me yesterday.  The cockpit felt nice and snug, no saddle discomfort and I felt surprisingly strong on my 25 mile ride – especially considering my time on the bike has been very limited.

I commented to my husband while riding that it was almost as if I had grown -  which of course I haven’t – at my age you’re more apt to shrink – talking height here, not weight. 

When I first got my Scott (Rocket), she was just a little big in the cockpit.  I often had pain/tension in my neck after long rides and saddle discomfort – even after shortening the stem and making other adjustments with my fit.

It was never bad, but never just right either.  This was not the case yesterday and it was wonderful!

Obviously it wasn’t a growth spurt – but rather better flexibility.

I love yoga and have done it off and on for several years, but not daily like now.   I recommitted to a daily yoga practice for the mental/spiritual/emotional/physical benefits with no regard for how it might help me if and when I ever got back on the bike for any serious riding.

That’s how it is sometimes.  We do something for one reason or benefit only to find it has some other consequence (sometimes positive, sometimes negative). 

Fortunately in this case it was positive.  Thank you yoga!

My Main Squeeze

28 Jul

My Main Squeeze

Okay, Mark is my main squeeze,
 but my main bike is my 2005 Scott CR1 Pro.

My Scott is the most expensive bike I have ever owned – also the best bike I’ve ever owned.  I got a great deal on Ebay.  It was a scary proposition buying a bike on Ebay, but it worked out as promised (a basically new bike with few miles owned by someone that the bike didn’t quite fit).  Thankfully, Rocket fit me perfectly and enabled me to get a good quality bike for the $$ I wanted to spend.

Did you say you would like to see pictures of her?

Look at that beautiful carbon fiber frame. 

I just read an article about one of the bikes used at the Tour – a bike that cost upwards of $15,000!  Can you imagine – me either!

Check out the bike:  Trying out a £10,000 Tour de France dream machine

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