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Anyone There?

11 Apr


I haven’t been around much lately. I’m still riding, just not writing or posting much here.

Although my love of biking hasn’t waned, my love of blogging has.

Blogging has often seemed too much like talking to myself and not enough like hanging out with other people who love cycling. For the Love of Bikes has never enjoyed a big readership but we did have loyal, regular readers. I would guess most have moved on. Hopefully not all – anyone there?

I plan to change that this year and we’re entering in to the prime time for bike riding so here I am: recommitting myself to riding and writing.

You can always find For the Love of Bikes on Facebook and Twitter.


6 Jul

Welcome to the new look for For the Love of Bikes blog!

If there was a sarcasm font, the previous statement would be written in it – bolded and in all caps.

I made the mistake of following the prompt to update my theme, Woo’s Bueno, which I’ve used here for years. Loved that theme and really I was quite fond of the look of my blog. It had taken years to get it the way I wanted, but I had numerous sidebars with a variety of information plus excerpts and photos of bike tour trips, as well as numerous popular posts, blogs I follow, and more.

All gone.

So, please bear with me while I try to get FTLOB up and running, then hopefully back to some likeness of its former self. Sigh.



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