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OKC Redman Sprint

24 Sep


I’ll be posting a race report but in the meantime… scenes from yesterday’s sprint.


Redman Practice Swim

20 Sep


Today was the first opportunity to do a practice swim at Lake Hefner for Redman 2012. The water was about 70 degrees, cold at first but not bad after a few minutes.

The lake looks pretty much like it did last year for Redman – a whole lot of red dirt shoreline – but not as muddy – yay!

Redman Photos

9 Oct

Redman 2011 is over, but thanks to pictures and memories, I won’t soon forget it!



Overall Time: 4:30:40

Swim: 52:12

Transition: 10:53

Bike: 3:27:37

Back in the Saddle/Pool Time

27 Sep

Finally got on the bike again for a ride with Mark. Not a training ride, just a recreational ride for no purpose other than just for the love of bikes. We rode our flat course in and around Jones. The sun was shining, the wind wasn’t gusting and the temperature was mild – a perfect day.

Redman took a serious chunk out of my time to ride and Mark’s riding too, which neither of us like but accepted. The next couple of months should offer many opportunities to bike and we will. Plus next month we take our California wine country and coastal ride which should be beautiful but challenging. We will ride well known Chalk Hill and the infamous King Ridge Road.

This morning I went back to the pool, not to train, but to swim. I will continue to work on my stroke using Total Immersion’s philosophy and techniques as well as continue to read and study TI, including videos online.

One thing I liked about Redman was the training. I want to continue to stay disciplined and train regularly so I can continue to improve.

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