Tour de France Fantasy Team

30 Jun

Anyone playing any of the Tour de France Fantasy Cycling contests?  I have played the Versus Fantasy Cycling Challenge for three years now I believe.

The race is fun enough on its own, but the Fantasy Challenge makes it even more interesting.

You pick a team of 15 riders with a total of $500 for salaries – the better (more successful) the rider the higher the salary – just like real life.  For each stage you pick your 9 man roster and accumulate points based on how each rider does.

Are you interested?  For more information about how it works and to sign up visit Versus (NBC Sports) Tour de France Fantasy Cycling Challenge.

My team is “4loveofbikes” and I created a group by the same name.  If you want to play you can join the 4loveofbikes group, join a different group or create your own. Everyone creates their own team.

I’m still filling my 15 slots, have to choose those guys wisely since once the practice round is over you can’t change the riders on your team.  You can change your daily lineup though.

It’s fun, sign up!

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