Traveling by Bike

17 Nov

There is a theory that the slower you travel, the more you see. Traveling by bike is proof of that theory.

To travel by bike is to not only see what surrounds you, but to also be embraced by it. A good example of this is riding the Katy Trail in Missouri.

The Missouri Katy Trail starts in Clinton and ends in St. Charles. The Katy is an off-the-road trail made up of crushed limestone that travels 225 miles across Missouri. Much of the trail follows Lewis and Clark’s path along the Missouri River. Katy Trail is part of the Rails to Trails Conservancy which is an organization devoted to building a nationwide network of trails utilizing former rail lines.

Other than bicyclists you will not encounter too many other travelers, a few hikers, maybe a person or two on horseback – horses are allowed on parts of the trail, but aren’t a nuisance. You will however encounter a lot of birds, mainly Eastern Bluebirds and Indigo Buntings. At times it seems as if the birds are guiding you down the trail as they fly just ahead of you leading the way.

One of the best parts about riding the Katy and the rails to trails system in general, is that it allows you to ride on an off-the-road trail and not have to compete with cars for your share of the road. Bike touring doesn’t get any better than that. No cars, just miles and miles of tree covered trail, your bike and you.

Nothing compares to traveling by bike.


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