Use Full Lane

12 Oct

In Oklahoma City there are plans underway for “Use Full Lane” signage to be installed along 70 miles of designated bike route.  This is a huge step forward for our bicycling community toward making the roads safer and more rideable.

Photo provided by Mike Flenniken, Team Bike Buddies

Unfortunately, when you have progress you sometimes encounter opposition to that progress.

Mike Flenniken,Team Bike Buddies, notified TBB members this morning that someone had vandalized by running over the very recently installed “Bicycles Use Full Lane” signage installed on a four mile section of Hefner Road between Morgan Road and Cemetery road in Oklahoma City.

Flenniken reported that the signs were singled out as it appeared the driver had to cross from one side of the road to the other to take them all out.

No good deed goes unpunished as they say.

No bad deed should go unpunished either.

In an effort to apprehend the person or persons who destroyed the signage, a fund has been established for a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

To donate to the reward fund, please contact Mike Flenniken at or call him at (405) 613-9767.

Mark and I donated to the fund this morning, hopefully the biking community will contribute what they can, and with any luck the person(s) that did this will be caught and convicted.

Until then, ride safely and take satisfaction in the fact that here in Oklahoma City, we are getting signage installed along 70 miles of designated bike route that spell out our legal right to use the road.


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