Vulnerable User Law for OK

5 Jan

I did not attend last night’s public meeting on bicycling with Oklahoma State Senator Andrew Rice, but I did submit the following comments to him through email yesterday afternoon as well as a copy of Delaware’s Vulnerable User Law.

Dear Senator Rice,

I plan to attend the public meeting tonight hosted by Oklahoma Bicycle Society where you will be speaking. 

I am an avid cyclist and advocate for cycling.  I know you are interested in pursuing legislation to improve the safety of cyclists in Oklahoma.  Colorado’s bicycle safety law has been mentioned as a possible model; I believe there is a better law to serve as a model for the type of legislation needed in Oklahoma.

That law is Delaware SB 269, Vulnerable User Law, which was signed into law in August 2010.  This law amended the Delaware code relating to careless or inattentive driving.

In addition to bicyclists, Delaware’s law protects pedestrians, highway workers, utility workers, emergency services workers, as well as persons operating mopeds, tractors, etc.  I would recommend in addition to the vulnerable users of public right-of-ways named in the law that persons with disabilities also be included (wheelchairs).

Safety on public roads and highways is a concern of many, not just cyclists.  All users that are vulnerable should be protected.

I have attached a copy of Delaware SB 269 for your information.

I look forward to hearing you speak and greatly appreciate your efforts to protect cyclists.


Susan Lash

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