We Are Traffic

22 Feb


Here’s an excellent graphic that explains what a driver sees as they approach a person riding a bike.

Personally I don’t usually ride in the middle of the lane (although at times I do when I need to control the lane e.g., riding up a hill), I ride slightly more to the right, but the point here is NOT to ride along the white line. Ride far enough into the lane so that vehicles must change lanes to pass you. If you give them enough room to squeeze by you that’s what they’ll try to do, putting you at great risk.

Someone on our Facebook page commented that they couldn’t ride like this because they have to ride as far right as possible (laws generally state as far to the right as is safe or practicable) so as to not impede the flow of vehicular traffic (even though bikes are recognized as vehicles).

What are your thoughts about this, agree or disagree? Please explain your position.

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