What a Difference

6 Sep

sky-19_0What a difference 25 degrees makes. Less than a week ago we had our usual high temperatures in the mid-100’s and today it was a very pleasant 75 degrees. Beautiful day for a ride, so that’s what I did!

My husband and I rode together and ended up talking quite a bit so didn’t push the pace. There was very little traffic on our route and the temperature and wind were perfect. A brilliant blue sky too.

We rode 42 miles in just under 3 hours. I tried out my nutrition that I will use for my Aquabike race and it worked pretty well. Think I may need to make my Perpetuem bottle stronger so it will last the 3 hours or so for the bike race. I’ll be pushing a faster pace so will burn more calories. Between the Perpetuem and gels I think I should be okay. Plus, I’ll have energy bars to supplement if needed.

Swimming has been eating into my bike time and my bike’s not happy about it. Actually neither am I, although surprising to me, I’m really starting to love swimming. Of course I still love biking so don’t look for a name change here to “For the Love of Water”.

Only 18 days left until T-Day: Redman Triathlon.

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