What Kind of Bike Should I Get

1 Nov

One of the most difficult things about getting started with bicycling is deciding what type of bike you should get.

On the surface a cruiser type bike seems like a good bet. They are usually cute looking bikes and look like they would be comfortable to ride.

Although is it true somewhat that they are comfortable to ride, it is equally true that they require more effort to go. Those big, plush tires and the heavy frame means you have to work harder to pedal that comfy, cute bike around. For beginners particularly, this can be put a quick end to any interest in bicycling.

A better choice, particularly for people concerned about balance, is a bike with a step-through frame. This type bike is often referred to as a city or urban bike. They usually have 28 or 32 mm tires, often an aluminum frame and often with an internal geared hub. The beauty of a bike like this is maintenance is low, gear shifting is easy – with the push of a thumb, generally – and the bike isn’t a heavy tank, thus more enjoyable to ride.

The bike below does not have an internally geared hub, it has a rear derailleur but is still easy to shift. The bike below is a great bargain in my opinion, currently on sale for $449 (and no Public isn’t paying me to say that).

I remember when I paid $350 for my first “real” bike, a Schwinn hybrid, I thought it was so expensive. The local bike shop convinced me it would be worth it (kept thinking about how much cheaper I could get a Wal-Mart bike) and it was. It cost roughly a dollar a day for one year, an investment that I could enjoy for years after which I did.

With many things, the old saying that you get what you pay for, is true. It’s true with bikes, especially entry level bikes.

The trick is to get a decent bike that fits you. Visit your local bike shop and talk to them. They’re great about answering basic questions and getting you started. When I bought that Schwinn I had been to the shop numerous times talking and test riding before I ever actually bought the bike. I knew nothing about biking so I had a lot of questions!

Test riding at least a couple of bikes is a good way to find the best bike for you.

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